How to register for Trusona Essential

Register with Trusona

1. Download the Trusona app in either the App Store of the google play store
2. Select "Sign Up"

3. Enter your Email address


4. Confirm the email you entered is correct

5. Create and verify your TruPIN


If you enter a simple PIN you will see this message below. Trusona recommends that you choose a strong 6 digit PIN

Enter your PIN again to verify and allow TouchID


6. Go to the email address you used when registering with Trusona and select "Verify Email" button. You can do this either on your mobile device or your desktop computer.


7. Select the link Trusona sent you to verify your email

8. Once verified you will see the screen below and you are now ready to start Trusonafying. 

The "Let's Go" button will take you to a place called TruClub where you can experience what logging in without a user name and password is like.