How to use Trusona

Trusona makes to possible to authenticate yourself without the need for passwords. Trusona is available today for WordPress, Gsuite, and Salesforce. Trusona is actively working with companies to integrate Trusona which will allow you to authenticate passwordless.

Download the Trusona app and register verifying your email address. If you would like to learn how to register with Trusona visit the How to register with Trusona article.

1. TruClub was created by Trusona to offer an example of what it's like to login without a username and password. After you have registered with Trusona visit and select Login with Trusona.

2. Open the Trusona app on your mobile device and scan the QR code
3. Select "Accept" on your mobile device

4. You're In!!


With Trusona you can do everything right from your mobile device

1. Select the "Login with Trusona" button

2. Use your TouchID or PIN to gain access into Trusona

3. Select Accept

4. Your In!!

Join Trusona in the #NoPasswords revolution by registering today.