Forgot my pin

Trusona has removed the PIN in the Trusona app. Please update the Trusona app to version 3.3.0 on iOS devices and version 3.4.1 on Android devices.

Steps to change PIN:
1.Select the "Forgot PIN"  button on the bottom left of the Trusona app.

 Enter email that is associated with your Trusona account


3. Select "Ok" to confirm your email was entered correctly. Trusona will email you a link that will allow you to reset your PIN.


 NOTE: If you are viewing the Trusona email on your mobile device follow the steps 4a.  If you view the Trusona email on a desktop follow steps in 4b.

4a. Open Reset PIN email from Trusona and select the Reset PIN button

Select open Trusona

Create your new PIN


4b. After selecting Open email on your desktop and select Reset PIN

Scan QR code with your mobile device

Desktop or Laptop Computer

Scan the QR code on the computer from your mobile device.


5. You did it!!!

Trouble Resetting PIN, If you enter an email that is not linked to your device you will see the message below.


You can also use TouchID to access your Trusona account. Login to your Trusona account, select settings on the bottom right (image of a gear), select TouchID, and Enable TouchID.