Adding and verifying additional email address

You can add multiple email addresses to your Trusona account

1. Login to Trusona and select settings on the bottom right

2. Select My Emails

3. Select the plus sign on the top right

4. Enter the email you would like to add and select "Done." Then select "Yes" to confirm that you have entered it correctly.


5. Go to your email inbox and verify the link Trusona sent you by selecting the "Verify Email" button. 

Once you select the "Verify Email" button a browser will open showing you the image below.

6. After you verify the link sent to your email you will see the word "verified" next to your new email in settings

If you wait too long to select the verification link in your email you will see this message when you select the link. If you do simply go back into the Trusona app Settings > My Email > select Verify. You will receive a new verification email from Trusona.