Trusona for Salesforce FAQ


Who can use Trusona for Salesforce?

A Salesforce admin must initially setup Trusona for Salesforce, but once setup, anyone in the organization with a Salesforce license can enjoy the friction-free, #NoPasswords Salesforce experience.

How do I know it is really secure?

Usernames and passwords are static and therefore not secure. They are easily stolen or replicated. Trusona's technology uses dynamic identity authentication and ensures people are who they say they are every time they log in.

Does Trusona for Salesforce work with the Salesforce’s mobile app?

At this time, you can only login using Trusona for Salesforce on a desktop. This capability will be added in the upcoming release.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Trusona is available to answer any questions you may have about Trusona for Salesforce. You can contact us at

Payment and Subscriptions

How much does it cost?

Trusona is offering a free, 14-day trial of Trusona for Salesforce.  After that, it is $10 per user, per year sold in 10-user packs.

How many Salesforce users does the trial cover?

The 14-day trial enables ALL of your salesforce users to enjoy the Trusona for Salesforce passwordless login.

What happens when my 14-day trial is over?

If you have not converted to the Trusona for Salesforce subscription before your 14 days are over, the Trusona for Salesforce login will be disabled for all of your Salesforce users.

How do I convert my trial to a subscription?

Once you are hooked on the #NoPasswords login experience you will never want to go back. For just $10 per user, per year (sold in 10-user packs) you can start your official Trusona for Salesforce subscription here.  

Will I get a receipt from Trusona?

Yes, a receipt will sent via PayPal to the email address used during your purchase. If this email address differs from the email address associated with your Salesforce account shoot us an email at just to be safe.

Next Steps

What do all the other Salesforce users in our organization need to know in order to start using Trusona for Salesforce?

Send your Salesforce users this link How to register with Trusona and using Trusona for Salesforce.