Trusona for Salesforce Trouble Shooting

1. Why am I getting a Single Sign-On Error?

If you see the image below after trying to login using Trusona, go back to the login page where you see the Trusona button and refresh the login page in your browser. You will be able to login after refreshing the page. This is a known issue with Salesforce and occurs when you are on the login page for more than 8 minutes before attempting to login.

2. Why is the Trusona button not showing up on the login page?

This could be for two reasons, make sure that you complete step 5 in the implementation documents. The other reason you may not see the Trusona button is that you are logging in through instead of your company domain (Example: You need to login through your custom domain to see the Trusona button.

3. What do I do if I do not see the Trusona Check box under Login Page in authentication configuration after uploading the XML file and have received confirmation from that the XML file I sent had been processed?

If you do not see the Trusona checkbox than delete the XML file Trusona sent you and try uploading it again.

4. Are my SAML Sign-On-Setting correct?
Accept for "Request Signing Certificate" and "Indentity Provider Login URL" your SAML Sign-On Settings should be the same as the image below.