Account recovery or adding a secondary device

There are two ways to add Trusona on a secondary device. The first way assumes you have possession of a registered device. The second way assumes you do not have the Trusona register device nearby.

Method 1: I have a device with my Trusona on it nearby
1.  Download the Trusona app on your new device. Open Trusona on your new device and select "Already have Trusona?"

2. You will see a QR code. Put this device down.
3. Open the Trusona app on the registered device >  go to Settings > select Add a Device

4. Scan the QR code on the new device.

5. You have successfully registered your new device.

Method 2: I do not have a registered device nearby:

1.  Download the Trusona app > select Already have Trusona? > select I do not have a registered device

2. Enter the e-mail address associated with your Trusona account

3. Enter the PIN you created when first registered with Trusona

4. Trusona will send you a Recover Account email. Select the Recover Account Button

5. Select the "Open Trusona" button

6. Enter your PIN again

7. You have successfully added a new device.