Where and How to Scan a TruCode


You can scan a TruCode in TruClub where you can have the #NoPasswords experience. If you manage or administer a WordPress site you can install Trusona's free WordPress Plugin. Then you can scan a TruCode to log in to your site.

If you don't already have Trusona you can download it on your mobile device by selecting one of the links below.

Trusona for Apple                          Trusona for Android


1. Open the Trusona app

2. After logging into the Trusona app with either your PIN or TouchID the opening screen will be in camera mode to scan the QR code.

3. To test scanning a Trusona QR code go to http://club.trusona.com and click on "Login with Trusona"

4. Hold your mobile device up to the QR code

5. Select accept on your mobile device

Your browser will refresh and you will be logged into TruClub!!!